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Welcome to Freizeit-PSO

We, as a public charity have an aim: Integrating all different kinds of people into our society equivalently and at the same time, we want to offer exciting holidays at a reasonable price. The so called integrative holidays, together with your friends and family, has highest priority. That means that all our programmes are accessible for people with all kind of different disabilities.
Behind the name Freizeit-PSO stands „Freizeit Para Special Outdoorsports“, because we want to approach people that are physically and mentally handicapped with our outdoor activities.
Along the lines of „impossible is nothing“, anyone learns how to ski at our adaptive ski school and anyone can be part of diversified integrative holidays. All of our active holidays can be put together individually. We are looking forward to customize your holiday in that way, as you want it! All of our individual adaptive activities can be booked as a one-day activity aswell.